DWmarines.jpgGamemaster: Michael
Session: Fridays (irregular) 19:00 CET (18:00 GMT)
Type of Play: IRC (

Kill-team Equinox

  • Captain Elias, Celestial Lions Tactical Marine
  • Brother Chagan, White Scars Apothecary
  • Brother Courmeg, Iron Hands Techmarine
  • Brother Nathanael, Dark Angels Devastator
  • Brother Hesteron, Scythes of the Emperor Tactical Marine [NPC]
  • Brother Validus, Raven Guard Devastator [NPC]

Kill-team Tenebrae

  • Captain Ragnar, Space Wolves Assault Marine [NPC]
  • Brother Angus, Storm Wardens Tactical Marine [NPC]
  • Brother Ingram, Raven Guard Assault Marine [NPC]
  • Brother Leonatus, Blood Angels Tactical Marine [NPC]
  • Brother Quintus, Ultramarines Devastator Marine [NPC]

Important Locations & NPCs

Mission Journal

It is the year 999 of the 41st millennium. The Imperium of Mankind faces dark and terrible times indeed. Beset on all sides by the Alien, attacked from within by the Heretic, the light of the Astronomican radiating from Him on Terra is paling with each passing day, causing more and more starships to get lost in the Warp. War rages across the galaxy, and ancient and new enemies alike stir in the darkness and renew their assault on the domains of Man.

In these desperate times, the Inquisition and its forces have their work cut out for them. While the armies of the Imperium fight a battle growing bloodier by the hour, on frontlines stretching across the stars themselves, it is this shadowy organisation's duty to protect mankind from the Enemy Without and the Enemy Within. At the forefront of the operations against the vile alien stand the servants of the Ordo Xenos, and when its Inquisitors feel the time for subtleties is over, they mobilise its Chamber Militant: the Deathwatch.

Sent out in small strike teams, the Space Marines of the Deathwatch operate on their own or under the direction of a seasoned Inquisitor, facing threats to the Imperium that no normal man can cope with. Crushing Genestealer-cults hiding below sprawling hive cities, assassinating key enemy leaders and recovering mysterious alien artefacts are but some of the many operations carried out by these elite warriors.

In the Segmentum Ultima, the realm of Ultramar lies on the very front of the ongoing campaign against the encroaching Tyranid hordes. The jungle world of Talasa Prime on the Eastern Fringe is home to an Inquisitorial fortress and serves as the base for kill-teams sent out on various missions throughout the region.

Under the watchful auspices of Inquisitor Harlan Jecht, a new squad of veteran Astartes has assembled to strike fear into the hearts of humanity's natural enemies in the ongoing conflict for control of the galaxy, and the fight for mankind's very survival.

Rule Variants